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Guns, Girls, and Great Cars: Furious 7 Trailer Features Paul Walker

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Furious 7 Trailer Cars Paul Walker Race Heist Movie Film 5

Jason Statham is ready to enter the ring with heavyweight Dwayne Johnson in Furious 7
Photo: Fast & Furious, Universal Studios

Halloween has passed yet we’re still seeing ghosts.

The internet was buzzing this weekend with the release of the new Furious 7 trailer. While there’s more than enough footage of gunfire, girls, and great cars, everyone’s interest is on one person.

If you’re wondering if the late Paul Walker is featured in the Furious 7 trailer after his passing nearly one year ago, you’ll be pleased to know he’s makes a hauntingly powerful appearance as he leaps toward the edge of a cliff.

You can see the man in action in the trailer below.

Furious 7 Trailer Shows the Series Is Still Alive

Furious 7 Trailer Cars Paul Walker Race Heist Movie Film 1

Cars a-plenty pervade the Furious 7 trailer
Photo: Fast & Furious, Universal Studios

The Furious 7 trailer starts with exactly what you’ve come to expect from the car-crazy franchise: a heist job in the middle of a rural road.

However, instead of being in the middle of the desert, this job is on the edge of a cliff in the mountains. And, when things do go awry and the targeted vehicle slides off a cliff, Paul Walker must make an epic leap to safety.

What normally would be a laughably over-the-top sequence feels undeniably more tense and poignant with Paul Walker’s passing last year. That lingering reality could give Furious 7 a much more somber undertone.

Furious 7 Trailer Cars Paul Walker Race Heist Movie Film 3

Paul Walker takes a scenic stroll on the edge of a mountain
Photo: Fast & Furious, Universal Studios

From that opening, we see that the old gang (including Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and a whole lot of Ludacris) getting begrudgingly wrapped up in FBI work (pushed around by Kurt Russell, looking like a poor man’s Michael Douglas) in order to stop a vengeful villain (Jason Statham, fitting perfectly into the world of Fast and Furious).

After watching the two-minute Furious 7 trailer, we can be assured of the following:

  • Paul Walker’s part in the new film isn’t being minimized, nor is it being marketed above any other aspect of the movie
  • The seventh installment of the series will have just as much cheesy, adrenaline-fueled action as the rest (if not a bit more)

After all, when have we seen Dwayne Johnson walking down the middle of the road with a machine gun?

Furious 7 Trailer Cars Paul Walker Race Heist Movie Film 4

The entire Fast & Furious gang is reunites for one more time
Photo: Fast & Furious, Universal Studios

Fans of the series have been wary of James Wan taking over the director’s chair for the next run of the franchise. He’s shown promise in balancing emotion with thrills in his success with The Conjuring and Insidious. But he has also shown a tendency toward going too over-the-top in Death Sentence and the sequel to Insidious.

After Justin Lin’s fifth and sixth entries turned the Fast and Furious series into a crowd and critic-pleasing summer blockbuster heavyweight, the early April release date is a bit worrisome.

However, if the final product looks anything like the new Furious 7 trailer, we can take comfort in the fact that our trusted cast, including Paul Walker, won’t let us down.