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British Cat Travels 130 Miles Under a Vehicle Hood

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Some animals enjoy staying home for the holidays; others prefer to hit the open road. A female tortoiseshell cat discovered in London on Christmas Day falls into the second category.

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An unexpected holiday road trip

The cat traveled 130 miles under the hood of a car before the driver was aware it had stowed away. Per the BBC, passersby heard meowing from the engine bay. The driver opened the hood to find the feline.

Though he wasn’t too thrilled about the furry passenger, residents in the flats nearby took care of the cat and calmed it down until the Celia Hammond Animal Trust came to collect it.

The charity’s Facebook post said that the cat is “sweet” and “very friendly,” but unfortunately not microchipped. So, the organization is still trying to find its owner. The only piece of evidence that it has is that the driver started his journey in Birmingham before arriving in East London and driving away.

The Celia Hammond Animal Trust encourages locals with information to contact the Canning Town Branch or email them at canningtown@celiahammond.org. It hopes to reunite the well-traveled cat with its owner very soon.

Cat in Crate in Car
Carriers provide a secure, protected environment for pets during road trips.

Safety tips for traveling with a cat

This crazy story is a timely reminder that there are safer places for a cat to ride in than a vehicle’s engine bay. If you own a cat, help ensure that they enjoy the journey and arrive at the destination in one piece by investing in a cat carrier.

When on the road with your feline, make sure to plan out stops at rest areas at certain intervals. That way, your cat can relieve themself via a portable litter box.

Lastly, keep an eye on your cat throughout the trip. While meowing is perfectly normal, any signs of panting could indicate that your pet is experiencing intense anxiety, in which case, you should call your vet.

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