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Celebrating ‘Spice World’ 20 Years Later: A Closer Look at the Spice Bus

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It’s been 20 years since Mel C, Geri, Emma, Mel B, and Victoria—also known as the Spice Girls—appeared on the silver screen in their first-ever film debut. The movie Spice World received mixed reviews, ranging from young fans that absolutely adored it (9-year old me) to actual film critics (adults) that detested it. Needless to say, it definitely made its mark in film and pop culture history.


boot camp spice girls spice world

Going to dance boot camp with Mr. Step was just one of the many ridiculous moments of the film

A wild ride from start to finish

The movie contained quite a few crazy moments, including an alien encounter, Mel B performing in a space suit, and the girls going to dance boot camp, to name a few. But one of the coolest props from the movie, if you can call it that, was the group’s main mode of transportation—the Spice Bus. Driven by none other than Meatloaf and painted to represent the Union Jack, the Spice Bus defied the laws of physics. How, you may ask?  Well, once inside, the bus seemed to be as large as an expensive London flat.

posh runway spice girls spice bus

A runway in a double-decker? Seems practical.

The bus had spots for all five of the girls, catered perfectly to their personalities. Sporty had her workout equipment while Posh had a lit up catwalk. Baby Spice had her swing, Ginger had a sensual lounge filled with tons of shoes, and Scary had an area decked out in animal print.


Harry Potter inspiration?

As a child, I was in awe by the amount of space within the bus and the magic behind it. As a teenager, I was reminded of this phenomenon during a scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I’m not saying J.K. Rowling was inspired by the Spice Girls, but I’m also not not saying this.


The chase scene

Near the end of the film, the girls are in a race against time to make it to their gig at the Royal Albert Hall. Unfortunately for them, their bus driver is missing, so Victoria takes charge and gets behind the wheel of the double-decker. While driving like a maniac, Posh Spice manages to jump a bridge over the River Thames in what can only be described as a cinematic masterpiece of a scene:

spice bus bridge jump spice world

But the excitement isn’t over just yet. While still on the way to the performance, Baby Spice finds a bomb strapped to the underside of the bus! (Yes, this movie is ridiculous, but this is hardly the strangest part.)

spice bus bomb spice world

Not to worry though, the Spice Girls arrive just in time to perform, but not before getting charged with “dangerous driving, criminal damage, flying a bus without a license, and frightening the pigeons.”


What’s next for the Spice Bus?

While it may not have won any Academy Awards or Golden Globes, this movie completely won my heart as a child and had me wishing for just one ride in the Spice Bus. For those living in or near England, the bus is on permanent display at the Island Harbour Marina on the Isle of Wight.

Since the likelihood of me traveling to the Isle of Wight are minimal and the Spice Girls may actually be reuniting for a tour in 2018 (sans Posh Spice), here’s hoping they’ll take the Spice Bus across the pond if they announce U.S. tour dates!

The Spice Girls Spice World 20 Year Anniversary