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Challenges of Driving a Right-Hand Drive Car in Canada

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Photo: Jared Grove

Although right-hand drive cars in Canada aren’t as prevalent as they once were, some are still active on roadways. For the most part, it’s legal to drive one in many parts of the country. However, that doesn’t mean that driving a right-hand drive car is easy.

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According to Resident Auto Enthusiast Nathan O., drivers need to be extra careful when behind the wheel of a right-hand drive car.

“Your passenger-side mirror is much more important than in a normal car,” he writes. “Always check it when passing, or when shifting into a left lane. On the plus side, this is a habit every driver should have anyway, so right hand driving is a good time to develop it.”

A right-hand drive car registers the tilt of a road more drastically, which can be unnerving if you’re not prepared for it.

You’ll have to monitor your lane position closely to stay safe on the road.

“Pay attention to the curb. By keeping constant your distance to the curb, you are also keeping a constant distance from the next lane,” he warns.

You might need to adjust your seating position by leaning over when you’re driving. This mimics where your head would be if you weren’t driving a right-hand drive car.

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If you’re eager to test your driving skills behind the wheel of a right-hand drive car, you’ll need to look for a used model. The federal government has banned new models with that drive setup. Plus, you’ll need to check with your province’s regulations before you spend your hard-earned cash, as some like Prince Edward Island and Quebec have rules against them. You might run into insurance problems with a right-hand drive car, too.

A right-hand drive car can be a unique addition to your garage. Make sure you do your research and get ready for a new way to move before you commit yourself to this large purchase.