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Channing Tatum Does the Splits in Retaliation

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Shows Van Damme Who’s Boss?

Channing Tatum Does the Splits

Channing Tatum does the splits Van Damme style.

Remember earlier this month when Jean-Claude Van Damm showed off Volvo Truck’s Dynamic Steering by doing the splits between two very large—and very frighteningly moving—trucks while Enya sang us her soothing “Only Time” in the background? Well, Channing Tatum will have none of this nonsense. He is not to be outdone (as he tried to prove by doing a new movie version of 21 Jump Street that…was just…awful), so, without the use of a stuntman, Tatum Tots made a retaliation video.

While on the set of the sure-to-flop sequel to the aforementioned film, cleverly titled 22 Jump Street, Channing Tatum decided to mount a pair of food carts to display his own flexibility. (Okay, so the video is actually rather endearing and incredibly hilarious…but his movies still suck.)

Check out the video below as Channing Tatum does the splits Van Damme style (and try not to fall out of your chair laughing).

Channing Tatum Does the Splits

Compare that to the original Van Damme video… Nearly the same, right?

Van Damme Actually Does the Splits

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