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Charabanc Markets Cologne for Luxury Cars

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With Christmas just around the bend, it’s normal to start thinking about the right gift for each person on your gift list. If your significant other or close friend is a luxury car owner, you might be stumped on what to get them this year. New brand Charabanc has you covered.

About Charabanc

This British-based company takes its name from the open-topped motorcoach cars that preceded modern buses. They recently introduced their luxury car air freshener collection. Each one is crafted in Portsmouth, England. The pomanders mimic the spoked wheel rims of a car and come with a hand-finished leather lid sourced from Spanish hides from one of Britain’s oldest leather suppliers. Lid colors come in your choice of Racing Green, Orient Black, or London Tan.

Charabanc has designed each case to fit inside of a vehicle’s cup holder. Though, each case comes with a leather lanyard so you can hang the pomander from the rearview mirror. You can also attach it from an air vent via a stainless steel clip.

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Available scents

Fragrance selections capture the scents of famous international driving routes, to mentally transport the driver to a far-off destination each time they get behind the wheel. The Monument Valley Drive scent incorporates cypress oil, saffron, jasmine, black leather, mate, amber, thyme, raspberry, and violet to recreate this Arizona-based driving path. Taio Mo Shan suggests the fresh, misty air of this Hong Kong locale. It features notes of vetiver, sandalwood, incense, leather, orange blossom, and jasmine. Other scents pay tribute to the fragrances encountered along the route to Samarqand, the Italian plain of Castellucio, and the fells of Pennine Britain.

Be prepared to shell out $160 for this air freshener; however, fragrance connoisseurs might find this a reasonable price for such a superior scent quality. Check out Charabanc’s website to find out more about these sophisticated pomanders.

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