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Bummer: Charlotte Restaurant Survives another Car Crash

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A Charlotte restaurant survives another car crash

Welcome to Charlotte, NC, where people drive like bulls in a china shop. Ok, maybe just the southeastern part, as I am sure this local cafe would agree.

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The good news is that this Charlotte restaurant survives another car crash, and no one is injured.

Four different cars have hit Lupie’s Café at its Monroe Road location. With extensive damage from each incident, the diner always bounces back with more curious customers.

Employees  described the latest ordeal as an exploding bomb with flying glass everywhere. Customers jumped out of the way and ran to the front of the building screaming.

What made the fourth time more unique than the others was that this accident occurred while the restaurant was open during the day.

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While the cause of the crash is under investigation, witnesses believe that the driver hydroplaned on the bridge nearby and lost control.

While each crash catches the restaurant off-guard, it does bring in more business from the cafe’s loyal customers.

The next steps will be to replace the glass and repair the the building frame impacted by the crash.

While rebuilding the restaurant has become a repeated theme, the owners stay positive and plan to reopen the diner next week.

Hopefully, in this case, the fourth time is the charm for Lupie’s, and drivers steer clear of smashing into its confines moving forward.