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Check Out Kuhl Racing’s Insane Custom Scion FR-S

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Kuhl Racing Scion FR-S

Japan really knows how to make radically cool stuff. And no, we’re not just talking about the major auto manufacturers—we’re talking about the tuning houses, or in this case, Kuhl Racing specifically.

You may have already seen their insane chrome-gold R35 Nissan GT-R or their pimped-out Toyota Prius and thought “What kind of a crazed mind comes up with this?”

Well now they’re back with even more jaw-dropping custom work on the outgoing Scion FR-S. They fitted it with a bespoke widebody kit, complete with flared wheel arches at the front and rear, custom front fascia with a new grille, redesigned cooling ducts, bespoke fog lights, and eye-popping side skirts. And that’s just what you can see from the front.

At the rear, the Kuhl Racing Scion FR-S features a new bumper and diffuser package, a titanium exhaust system, and of course, a fat wing—made out of frigging carbon fiber. The car’s been painted in candy apple red and features an interesting pattern on the hood, a bit like fire coming out of the front.

All things told, the car probably doesn’t perform all that much better than the stock Scion FR-S—but that’s not what a custom job like that is about, is it? This Kuhl Racing FR-S was designed to turn heads and you can be certain it will… unless everyone in Japan tunes their car like this, who knows.

In a stroke of irony, we noticed that the Scion badge had been swapped for Kuhl Racing’s custom symbol. Poor thing just keeps getting rebadged.

Source: Kuhl Japan