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Check Out These Vintage Chevy Camaro Print Ads

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Vintage Chevy Camaro print ad

A lot of people are sad to see the television series Mad Men come to an end, but perhaps none are sadder than General Motors executives. GM has gotten some great free publicity out of the show lately, from Don Draper taking a road trip in his 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, to Don driving a souped-up 1970 Chevelle SS in the final episode.

Car and Driver has gotten into the spirit, too, with “Mad ’Maro,” a list highlighting 45 of the coolest Chevy Camaro print ads of all time (which you can see here).

The ones from 1967-1970 are excellent examples of old school cool, and look like the kind of thing the hard-working and hard-boozing copy editors at Draper Cooper Sterling Pryce might have come up with.

“During the fourth and, especially, the fifth generations, General Motors focused a lot less on print advertising in favor of stuff like ‘Bumblebee’ of Transformers fame, and so those cars aren’t as well represented here,” C&D notes.

“Also, vintage ads are way cooler.”

It’s hard to argue with that. These awesome advertisements make you long for the days when someone like Don Draper was in charge of the Camaro’s image, and not someone like Michael Bay.