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Check Out This GMC Jimmy-Based Boat Car

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Barcroft Car Boat

Have you ever been driving around aimlessly on the seemingly endless roads of life, aimed for some undetermined and far-off destination, and wondered to yourself, “You know, driving in my car/truck/utility is a great joy that really makes life so much easier, but it would actually be a whole lot better if I was driving around on the road in a friggin’ boat”?

Well, it can be done.

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Barcroft Car Boat

The story behind this GMC Jimmy-based boat vehicle is actually rather heartwarming. Creator Mark Ray put the boat car together at the behest of his wife, Robyn, who was battling through breast cancer. She suggested building the boat car as a means to take his mind off of her condition, and the result is a thing of beauty.

For those wondering, you have to enter the boat via a ladder in the back, and it’s powered by a 4.3-liter V6. It’s totally street-legal, too.

Mark says it’s not practical, but it sure looks like fun to drive.

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News Source: Car Scoops (via Barcroft Cars)