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Chevrolet and Beats Music Partner to Rock Your Ride

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Chevrolet and Beats MusicChevrolet and Beats Music are partnering to integrate the new Beats Music streaming service into the Chevrolet AppShop, which will be available in select 2015 models later this year.

Beats Music launched earlier this year, and is already an established and well-known brand. The creation of playlists across all genres using both digital innovation and human expertise results in a truly personalized streaming music service.

The Chevrolet and Beat Music partnership means more music choices for drivers. According a recent Chevrolet news release, users will have access to all of the playlists they have already saved on mobile accounts for a cohesive experience. Beats will also provide specialty playlists tailored to drive times whether you’re on a Sunday drive, stuck in a traffic jam, or rocking out on a road trip, Beats will have the perfect playlist ready to go.

The Chevrolet AppShop will be accessible through an icon on the MyLink screen (when equipped), which will allow users to view and download apps, including Beats Music, directly to their vehicle. Chevrolet hopes that AppShop will help to keep phones put away while on the road, creating a safer driving environment for everyone.