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Chevrolet and Launch the “Ride & Seek” Campaign to Promote Seat Belt Usage Among Teens

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Teaming up to convince teens to buckle up

As far as vehicle safety goes, one of the most obvious tenets is to use your seatbelt. The good news is that seatbelt usage has been on the rise in recent years, with its highest level since the 1980s.

The bad news is that seatbelt usage is still not all that popular with the teenage demographic. That’s why Chevrolet is partnering up with to, well, do something about it.

The two organizations have collaborated to launch the “Ride & Seek” campaign. Said campaign involves a text message-based experience that young drivers can interact with.

By printing out one of the campaign’s posters and sharing it via text, students can be entered to win a $5,000 scholarship. Because when it comes to young drivers (or any drivers for that matter), nothing provides more motivation than money.

The “Ride & Seek” campaign is also launching a series of videos on the web. The first video stars Amanda Steele, an internet celebrity known for her fashion-related YouTube channel and role in Hulu’s show Guidance. 

You can view the campaign video below:

“We are pleased to work with an organization like to help spread the message about the importance of seat belt use,” said Tricia Morrow, Chevrolet’s safety engineer. “It’s the number one thing all drivers and passengers, including teens, can do to protect themselves while in a vehicle.”

While it can be a little weird to hear seatbelts referred to as “in trend,” if it gets more teen drivers and passengers to buckle up, then it will have definitely been worth it.

News Source: GM Authority