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Chevrolet Commercial Celebrates Saudi Women Gaining the Right to Drive

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Chevrolet Saudi Women Driving Ad Spot

Photo: Chevrolet

Last summer was a milestone for the women of Saudi Arabia as they were granted the right to drive. The change won’t take effect until June of this year, but the excitement is still the same. Chevrolet decided to celebrate this leap forward by asking a handful of Saudi Arabian women one question: will you drive?

“I will definitely drive, God willing,” said the first woman, a smile stretching across her face.

Some women were hesitant about driving, stating that they may wait a few years or that they simply weren’t sure yet. Others were certain in their answer: no.

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“The right to drive has been given,” one woman said, “but I choose not to.”

The point of the commercial was to highlight the beauty of Saudi women having the choice. While not all women in Saudi Arabia would like to drive, having the option gives them freedom and rights they didn’t have before. “I decide whether to drive or not,” said another woman, smiling. “The decision belongs to me.”

“Some said they won’t drive,” read the text in the commercial, “but no one said they can’t.” The advertisement ended with the hashtag #UpToMe.

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Some women in the commercial reported that they were raised to believe women didn’t drive, and that belief has contributed to their decision not to drive. The younger female participants had a stronger pull toward driving.

Part of freedom is having the right to make your own decisions. Regardless of their reasons, Saudi Arabian women now have the right to decide for themselves whether or not they want to get a driver’s license. And that’s something to celebrate.

Watch the full Chevrolet ad spot here:

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