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Chevrolet Delivers 1 Millionth Vehicle in Korea

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1 Millionth Chevrolet Celebration KoreaChevrolet has only been a presence in South Korea for six years, but that’s all it has taken for the bowtie brand to endear itself to one million drivers across the country. Chevy this month celebrated the 1-million-vehicle milestone in delivering a new Chevrolet Malibu to 36-year-old Sang-beom Lee.

Lee had the privilege of taking delivery of his Malibu at GM Korea headquarters in Bupyeong, where he was congratulated by new GM Korea President Kaher Kazem—who presented Lee with a stylish little cake to mark the occasion—and GM Korea VP of Vehicle Sales, Service, and Marketing Dale Sullivan.

“I am so happy to be chosen as the 1 millionth customer of GM Korea,” said Lee. “A single glance at the Chevrolet Malibu convinced me to become an owner. I appreciate the car’s attractive design and excellent safety.”

“I want to thank our customers for their trust in GM Korea products,” said Kazem. “We would not have been able to sell a million vehicles in such a short period of time without their support. We will continue to provide high-quality products and service that exceed our customers’ expectations.”

To commemorate GM Korea’s 1 millionth domestic sale, car shoppers will receive up to an 8% discount on a new Chevy with the Chevrolet Fiesta program. The next 2,000 Malibu customers in September will receive a 2% discount, the next 1,000 Trax customers will receive a $1,000 discount, Camaro SS buyers will earn a 4% discount, Impala customers benefit from a 6% discount, Orland customers get a 7% discount, and Captiva buyers get an 8% discount.