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Chevrolet Essentia Prepares for India

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The market for small cars is booming in India, and it seems as if Chevrolet wants to get a slice of that profit pie. When we are talking about small cars in India, though, we’re talking ridiculously small. This isn’t really surprising for India, which has one of the highest population densities in the world and an economy which values budget vehicles that can get the job done. The car built to cater more to modern Indian tastes is the all-new Chevrolet Essentia.

This subcompact sedan fits into what is called the “sub-four meter sedan” class, which means that all of the cars are shorter than four meters. According to The Truth About Cars, sedans are a status symbol in India, since those cars are usually larger and more expensive than coupes. However, the Indian government favors smaller vehicles because of their fuel economy, and uses “excise duty” taxes to encourage shoppers to buy them (the smaller the car, the smaller amount of money you owe). Hence the sub-four meter sedan” class was born to allow buyers to get a desired sedan while still paying the taxes for a coupe car.

To prepare for the Essentia’s release, Chevrolet has been test driving the car in camouflage on the streets of India. The levels of camouflage on the vehicle have ranged from black pads to hide its shape to the more traditional zebra print decals that confuse a camera.  Car and Bike and the other media outlets are estimating that the Chevy Essentia will make its debut in dealerships, sans coverings, later this year. We hope it’s the crowd-pleaser that Chevrolet is hoping for.

News Source: Car and Bike