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Chevrolet May Be Working Up to a Production Version of Its FNR-X Concept

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Chevrolet FNR-X

You all remember the Chevrolet FNR-X concept crossover that debuted earlier this year at Auto Shanghai 2017? The stylish, angular, futuristic-looking utility vehicle that was an in-name-and-spirit successor to the even more stylish, angular, and futuristic-looking Chevy FNR concept from two Auto Shanghais prior?

Well, we don’t want to go getting your hopes up or anything, but there is maybe, possibly, potentially a chance that it’s being targeted for production. There’s also maybe, possibly, potentially a chance that there’s already a mule testing right now.

CarNewsChina spotted a camouflaged Chevy prototype testing in the wild, and it was quick to confirm that what they beheld was indeed the production version of the Chevrolet FNR-X concept.

Writes CarNewsChina:

“It is the production version of the Chevrolet FNR-X concept car.”

Well, that settles that, then.

The vehicle depicted in CNC’s spy shots looks markedly different from the FNR-X concept, but given the degree to which the concept’s design deviates from Chevrolet’s global design language, that much could be expected. The tell-tale indicator seems to be similarities in the body lines along the sides and the angling of the rear windshield, though it is nonetheless quite different from the original concept.

The self-driving Chevrolet-FNR concept debuts at Auto Shanghai 2015


Likely, the final product will be a further distillation of that original FNR design, whatever that may be. It’s also not unreasonable to assume it won’t be called the FNR or FNR-X—FNR standing for Find New Roads, which is Chevrolet’s global brand slogan.

CarNewsChina says that the production version of the FNR-X is scheduled to launch by mid-2018 and will slot between the Captiva and Equinox.

News Source: CarNewsChina