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Chevrolet Protects Customers with Safety Technology

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Chevrolet protects customers with safety technologyIt’s almost winter, and we want you to stay safe out on the roads. Fortunately, so does Chevrolet. The car manufacturer, along with blog writer Stephanie Georgopolus, recently highlighted four different products—all of which are included on or are compatible with Chevrolet vehicles—that keep you safe while driving.

OnStar, Siri Eyes Free, MyWARN, and Battery Doctor Pro combine into a very formidable foe for road hazards. OnStar, as Georgopolus writes, gives you “a personal 911 concierge”—OnStar provides you with assistance wherever and whenever for whatever you need. Siri Eyes Free allows you to use the Siri feature on iPhones without your hands—it will read your new messages out loud to you in the car! With voice command, you can even respond, totally hands-free, all with two eyes on the ever-changing road.

MyWARN lets you know if you have ventured into a storm or are now in tornado country. Finally, Battery Doctor Pro keeps you aware of how much talk time your phone has left. That way you can insure you won’t be stranded and signal-less. Chevrolet protects customers with safety technology; make sure to take advantage of it!