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Chevrolet Sales Increase 11.4% in August Due to the Growing Popularity of Large Vehicles

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Chevrolet's sales performance benefited from a number of rather unexpected sources during the month of August

2016 Chevrolet Impala

The Impala made an impressive comeback in August

As is the case for many automotive brands, Chevrolet has had a pretty rough past couple of months in terms of sales. Still, it seems that Chevy’s luck is changing, thanks to some expected and rather unexpected sources.

For August, Chevrolet’s sales were up 11.4%.

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Chevrolet sold a total of 196,007 vehicles last month. This accounts for the brand’s overall 11.4% sales increase for the month of August.

Of course, a large portion of those sales can be accredited to both commercial and fleet sales. Even without these specialized sales, retail sales for Chevy were still up 5.9%.

2018 Chevrolet Equinox exterior

Introducing a new Equinox has worked wonders for Chevy

Many of the vehicles that one might expect to do well in today’s automotive climate helped push Chevy toward its sales success. The brand-new Chevy Equinox was a resounding success for the brand.

Chevy sold 28,245 Equinox vehicles in August. Compared to a year ago, this accounts for a massive 84.9% sales increase.

Year-to-date, Chevy has sold 185,223 Equinox models. With 158,475 vehicles sold in the first eight months of 2016, Equinox sales are up 16.9%.

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Meanwhile, the most surprising sales success for Chevrolet last month came in the form of its large sedan lineup. Sales were up for both the Chevrolet Impala and the Malibu.

The Chevy Malibu sold 22,725 units in August, leading to a 35.9% sales increase. The Impala’s sales results were even more impressive, with a 66.3% sales increase.

Some of the success achieved by these models can be accredited to Chevrolet’s fleet sales last month. Still, if the trend keeps up, we may be witnessing the return of the large sedan segment’s popularity.

Chevrolet Spark Korea

The Spark failed to ignite August sales

Smaller sedans, meanwhile, found no such popularity in August. Chevy Sonic sales were down by 47.1%, while Spark sales were down by 36.9%.

As for Chevrolet’s year-to-date results, overall sales are still down 3.3%. Nevertheless, with sales reaching 1,316,391 units so far in 2017, Chevy can still count the first two-thirds of the year as a strong outing.

You can see how all of Chevy’s vehicle models did last month in the chart below:

Chevrolet August 2017 Sales