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Chevrolet South America Swaps out LTZ Trim for Premier Trim

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2017 Chevrolet Cobalt

Chevrolet South America is following in the wake of its North American counterpart by ditching the LTZ trim level for the Premier trim. This modification will impact many of the brand’s models, with a few exceptions.

Models impacted

The following five models in South America are expected to add the new trim, according to GM Authority: Tracker, S10, Equinox, Cruze, and TrailBlazer. The trim level update should exclude the following five models: Spin, Onix, Prisma, Montana, and Cobalt.

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Chevrolet Tracker

The strategy behind the update

This trim modification indicates that Chevrolet is drawing a sharper distinction between the brand’s global and local offerings in South America. Only the globally-sourced models will receive the Premier trim. The market-specific ones will stick with the LTZ trim.

This sales strategy comes as no surprise, considering the larger context of GM’s recent reorg. Back in January of this year, the manufacturer merged its International region with its South American region. It placed Barry Engle, GM executive vice president, in the role of president of GM International.

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Photo: © General Motors

The goal of the consolidation was “to improve efficiency, reduce bureaucracy and speed up the decision-making process,” said Engle. GM chairman and CEO Mary Barra affirmed the strategy. “Combining the leadership of the two regions supports our efforts to gain efficiencies in global markets.”

Considering that GM is currently dominating the South American auto market, it’s likely that the Premier trim will only enhance the success of Chevrolet’s lineup in this area. This will bring the automaker one step closer to growing international sales.

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