Patrick Grieve
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Chevrolet’s Pandering Millennial Commercials Are Becoming Self-Aware

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Still from Chevrolet's car commercial for the 2016 Chevy Cruze, "Stereotypes," which mocks commercials that pander to Millennials

In the past, this website has been sharply critical of Chevrolet’s various ad campaigns, particularly the ones that seem to pander to Millennials in a way that smacks of desperation.

For example, we thought that Chevy’s Trax commercial featuring Instagram-loving, vintage-clothes-wearing, Chuck-Taylor-clad twentysomethings was a little too on-the-nose. And then, we thought it was even cringier when the bowtie brand hired BuzzFeed writers to make videos showing where to take the “best selfies” in Brooklyn, LA, and Chicago. Finally, we were convinced (or at least hopeful) that the automaker had hit its nadir when it released an “all-emoji press release,” and then hired some YouTube stars to make an embarrassingly awful music video about Chevy Cruzes and emoticons.

But the latest Cruze commercial, entitled “Stereotypes,” is making us wonder if Chevy’s marketing department might have actually been listening to our criticisms. Because somehow, the brand seems to have received a much-needed dose of self-awareness.

Take a look: