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Chevy and Carhartt: A ‘Murican Match Made in Heaven

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Photo: Chevrolet

While the war for the toughest pickup truck wages on, Chevrolet has found a valuable strategic ally: Carhartt, the workwear company.

“When you look at both of our brands and our customers, there’s a natural connection between Chevrolet and Carhartt,” said Hugh Milne, Chevrolet Truck marketing manager. Milne also explained that both brands have more than a century of history in the Detroit area and a history of making tough, reliable, high-quality products.

Janet Ries, vice president of Marketing at Carhartt, agreed with that sentiment. “Teaming up with Chevy Trucks was a natural fit for us at Carhartt, as it aligned two Detroit-based iconic brands serving hardworking men and women throughout the nation,” she added.

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Chevrolet, founded in 1918, recently celebrated its centennial. Carhartt traces its heritage to 1889, when founder Hamilton Carhartt set out to provide railroad engineers with durable, long-lasting gear.

When you compare them side by side, the two brands go together like peanut butter and jelly. Just as the Silverado has become a staple of jobsites across the country, so has the classic Carhartt bib overall.

“Our mission is to develop rugged gear to serve and protect hardworking people; it’s built to be dependable and built to last – just like Chevy Trucks,” Ries said.

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Thanks to the partnership, Carhartt is now the Official Workwear of Chevy Trucks, while Chevy is the Official Partner of Carhartt. Who knows what this alliance will bring — perhaps new Carhartt-inspired truck accessories? Or maybe the Carhartt Silverado concept will come to the market? Whatever the case, this is the most ‘Murican brand synergy the world has seen since Captain America teamed up with Dunkin’ Donuts.

Source: The Detroit Bureau, Brand Channel