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Chevy Bolt Becomes Opel Ampera-e for European Market

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Opel Ampera-e

Opel Ampera-e

Chevrolet confirmed last month that it planned to change the way America looks at electric vehicles with the 2017 Bolt, which will carry the low price tag of $30,000 after federal tax incentives and offer a 200-mile all-electric range.

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Now, General Motors is having its game-changing EV cross the Atlantic, announcing that the Bolt will become the Opel Ampera-e for its 2017 European launch.

The announcement was made today at the CAR Symposium in Bochum, Germany, where GM CEO Mary Barra was present to break the good news.

“GM and Opel have always been convinced that electric cars will play a defining role in future mobility. The game-changing technology of the Ampera-e is a significant step toward realizing that vision,” said Barra. “Our new battery electric car is also another boost for Opel’s reputation for making innovative engineering widely accessible.”

There were no specific changes announced between the Chevy and the Opel, though that likely would not be made clearer until both vehicles launch next year. Presumably, the Ampera-e will use the same electric motor and achieve approximately the same range, and it will likely also be priced for a much wider consumer base.

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