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Chevy Bolt May Be Turning Point for EVs

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Chevy and LG are teaming up to produce an affordable all-electric vehicle

Photo: notman05

After the Chevy Volt’s success lately (with winning Green Car of the Year and allowing a reviewer to stretch its electric range to twice the estimated limit), expectations for the upcoming reveal of the production model Chevy Bolt at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in January are very high.

And it’s no surprise—Chevy has been fast-tracking the Bolt ever since it was revealed as a concept version back in January, with the intent to make it the very first affordable, mainstream, long-range electric vehicle on the market.

With a release date of spring 2016, the Bolt would be hitting the market a full year ahead of the other upcoming low-cost, high-range car, the Tesla Model 3, which is predicted to have about the same stats—200 miles of range for around $30,000.

Those two figures (price and range) have been the two major sticking points for electric vehicles, which typically are more expensive to buy and have a range of 100 miles or less. At a lower price and with a 200-mile range, it is possible that the Bolt will lead to much wider acceptance of electric vehicles.

So, here’s hoping that you did it well, Chevy—it may well be that you could alter the course of all electric vehicles.

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