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Chevy Bolt to Hit Dealers Between October and December

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2017 chevy bolt pre-production video

Chevy has been very aggressive with getting its (and the industry’s) first long-distance, affordable EV ready to sell. It seems like just yesterday that the car was small, boxy, orange, and being trotted around the Detroit Auto Show in 2015, and the brand has pushed the development of the car quickly, debuting a production version at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas almost exactly a year later.

And now, with pre-production already underway and prototypes already rolling around Detroit, Chevy has promised that the industry’s first 200-mile affordable EV will be hitting dealers between October and December this year.

Of course, as exciting as this is, there is some uncertainty as to whom these Bolts will go at first, with some reports suggesting that most of them will go to Lyft drivers, with only trivial deliveries to retail buyers, at least until sometime next spring.


Chevy has been very tight-lipped about the car once it is released, refusing to share the car’s delivery schedule, marketing, or retail strategy, although the brand has ambiguously told The Detroit News that it was working on “different ways to launch the car and interact with customers.”

The pressure is on here for GM, as it will certainly be the first to bring this kind of vehicle to market, but other automakers, most notably Tesla with the upcoming Model 3 and Nissan with the next-generation LEAF, are hot on its tail.

One thing is pretty likely, though: Chevy will probably start its deliveries in California and those states where they have also picked up stringent emissions rules. Either way, the car should start coming by the holiday season.

Happy holidays, indeed.

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