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Chevy Bolts and Other EVs Set to Infiltrate Sacramento Via a New Car-Share Initiative

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California has long sustained a reputation for its stringent efficiency regulations as well as high-tech product launches. Just recently, it started testing digital license plates in Sacramento. The state also recently achieved its own emissions reduction goal four years early.

This summer, two car-share companies are making their own contribution to help California’s green driving goals.¬†GIG Car Share and Envoy Technologies are collaborating with city officials to launch an electric vehicle share program in Sacramento.¬†Considering that this city received the first-ever awarded Electrify America grant, this news comes as no surprise.

Electrify America grant program

The Electrify America grant program helps fund electric vehicle incentives across the country, to help the nation reduce emissions. The program helps fund projects such as all-electric bus routes, as well as public EV charging stations.

The car-share vehicle program promises to not only help curb greenhouse gases, but also promises to alleviate congestion in Sacramento and other urban areas. Sacramento Sustainability program manager Jennifer Venema expresses a hopeful outlook for this exciting new project. “We have studies showing us that each car-share vehicle on the road removes anywhere from eight to 13 personally owned vehicles.”

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GIG Car Share and Envoy collaboration

The GIG Car Share company plans to bring 260 vehicles, which could include Chevy Bolts, to Sacramento by early next year. The system will work similarly to how urban bike rental programs work. Drivers can pick up the vehicles and drop them off at different points around the city.

The second company in the collaboration, Envoy, will bring 142 vehicles to the city. Despite the entity’s small size, Envoy’s car-share vehicles might be the first ones undergoing tests as early as next month.

We anticipate more details in the days to come about the GIG Car Share and Envoy Technologies’ partnership, as Sacramento puts the Electrify America grant funds to good use.

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News Source: The Sacramento Bee