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Chevy is Getting into Killer Clowns and Zombies Now

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Still image from the new Chevrolet marketing campaign, "Real People, Not Actors"

Still image from the new Chevrolet marketing campaign, “Real People, Not Actors”

The image above comes from a recent Chevy press release about the bowtie brand’s newest marketing campaign, which is entitled “Real People, Not Actors.” In addition to “real people,” the ad campaign will also apparently feature (hopefully non-real) psycho killer clowns and zombies. And although the commercials are set to begin airing this Wednesday, April 1st, we don’t think that this is an April Fool’s joke.

It turns out, those zombies (and that damn clown) aren’t trying to kill those people; just goad them into breaking eye contact. It’s part of the campaign’s “Eyes on the Road” ads, which show how hard it is to pay attention to the road when there are brain-eating distractions at hand.

And what distraction could be more prevalent than the temptation to text while driving? Well, with the 2015 Chevy Cruze’s Text Message Alert system, you can simply respond to texts on your infotainment screen with the touch of a button.

“Wait, how exactly are zombies related to texting while driving, again?” you might ask, to which Chevy would respond, “Just shut up and look at these puppies.”

Halloween isn’t until October, and the next Friday the 13th won’t be till November, so all of this horrorama seems somewhat unseasonal. But the marketing campaign isn’t entirely focused on scaring people—it also involves lots of filmed reactions to Chevrolet vehicles from the approximately 400 non-Chevy drivers who were recruited for the ads.

Many of the commercials will feature participants getting up-close and personal with a new Chevy vehicle, and proclaiming their surprise at how nice it is. One of those ads, “First Impressions,” has already been released, and shows people comparing Chevy vehicles to luxury offerings like BMW and Infiniti.

“The goal is to capture the spontaneous reactions of people as they’re exposed to today’s Chevrolet,” said Paul Edwards, US vice president of Chevrolet marketing. “People are immediately surprised and enthused when they experience our vehicles up close – the designs, technologies, and quality levels far exceed expectations.”