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Chevy is Ready for Pothole Season

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GM PotholesChevrolet is all about making vehicles that can handle the diverse road conditions found in the United States. Each of its vehicles go through rigorous tests to ensure that they can handle the stress of not just pumps and curves but potholes as well. To make sure that drivers don’t put any unnecessary stress on their vehicle, the bow tie brand has released a list of topics to avoid pothole damage in these early months after the end of winter before holes are repaired.

First of all, Chevy wants to make sure that everyone keeps their eyes on the road and slow down. If you are speeding along and distracted, you won’t see possible potholes until it’s too late. Drivers should also be wary of puddles, as the water can mask deep divots in the pavement. Before driving, you should also check air pressure in your tires to help your car properly deal with any holes it might drive into.

If you are unable to avoid a pothole, check your car for damage at the earliest convenience. If you catch damage early, you can have it repaired before it causes more issues for your car. You should know that damage is not just limited to tires, but might also occur on your exhaust, rims, front end, and tire alignment. Always be prepared to deal with pothole damage by having a car jack and properly inflated spare tire in the trunk. 

Finally, if you spot a pothole, make sure to tell the authorities so that it can be taken care of before it takes a bite out of any other cars. While these tips are especially helpful to Chevrolet drivers, be sure to pass them along to your friends so all of their cars survive the spring as well.