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Chevy Launches its Own Lifestyle Magazine

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Chevrolet magazine New Roads

Chevy is really taking an interest in print media, lately. Not only has the bowtie brand started putting digital video ads in magazines (yes, you read that right), but now the company is launching a magazine of its own.

It’s called New Roads, and the very first issue is already available to read online for those who are curious. It’s an interesting mix of content, some of which is standard magazine fare (recipes), some of which is blatant Chevy marketing (an article about the Corvette and how awesome it is), and some of which is seemingly innocuous but actually cross-branding promotional material (an article about Disney’s Tomorrowland, a movie which, by the way, happens to feature Chevy product placement).

“[It’s] a magazine for Chevrolet owners…and what they are interested in,” writes Chevrolet President Brian Sweeney in the inaugural issue. “Ultimately, we built this magazine around the things we and Chevrolet hold in common. Whether it was design, technology, safety and quality, performance, or value, you bought a Chevrolet for a reason.”

It’s a magazine-length advertisement, yes, but it’s not as bad as that sounds. Sports fans will enjoy the interview with Malcolm Butler (who was given Tom Brady’s Chevy Colorado after his interception sealed a Patriots win in the Super Bowl). And an article about the merits of cutting cable is something most people will actually find relevant.

We probably won’t be rushing to the newsstands to get our hands on the next issue, but all in all, it’s not a bad read, and Chevy owners should find it enjoyable.