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Chevy Loves Mom for Mother’s Day in Thailand

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Chevy Loves Mom Chevrolet Thailand

Are you in Thailand? Do you love Chevrolet? Do you also love your mom? Do you realize that Chevrolet also loves your mom, but not in a weird way? Well, now you know, because Chevrolet Sales Thailand officially launched its “Chevy Loves Mom” campaign on Monday. Again, we stress that Chevy loves your mom in a totally platonic way that is not intended to creep you out or make you feel threatened. You are still the most important person in her life. Chevrolet knows this.

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To celebrate Mother’s Day, which takes place on August 12th in Thailand, the brand invites everyone to take photos of themselves with their mothers making the shape of the letter C. Even if you are not a Chevrolet owner, you are also asked to have the Chevrolet logo present somewhere in the photo.

These photos should then be posted to the public, marked with the hashtag #ChevyLovesMom, and with Chevrolet Thailand’s Facebook page tagged in the status.

Of the photos posted accordingly between now and August 9th, 50 will be chosen as winners of a pair of movie tickets. If you are a Chevrolet Plus member, you will also be entered for a chance to win tickets to Maldives, courtesy of Lazada Thailand.

Chevrolet also announced that Chevy Plus members will receive a discount of THB 100 on a minimum purchase of THB 1,300 made on the Lazada website. Chevy Plus VIP members receive a THB 200 discount without a minimum purchase required. These offers will only be available to the first 500 Chevy Plus members and first 500 Chevy Plus VIP members.

All winning entries will be announced on August 11th. Summon your mother and let her know that Chevy loves her. Chevy reeeeally loves her.

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