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Chevy Runs Video Ads in Magazines

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2015 Chevy Colorado Z71

The future is now… sort of.

Chevrolet has begun running digital video ads in print publications, which seems pretty futuristic, until you realize that print publications will probably be dead in about ten or fifteen years (we kid, we kid).

The American automaker recently embedded a small digital video screen in the pages of Popular Mechanics and Esquire. When readers open up to the page featuring the ad, a commercial for the Colorado pickup begins playing.

“We had these awesome digital films that we created for the Colorado launch and we thought, why not … put video in print,” Chevrolet Truck Advertising manager Jill Mida told Ad Age.

Unfortunately, you can’t just check out these high-tech video ads at your local newsstand. The two magazines are both Hearst publications, and Chevy “leveraged all of Hearst’s consumer data” to find and target the 20,000 subscribers most likely to buy a new truck. That’s maybe the most futuristic part of this whole story (shades of 1984).

Ms. Mida wouldn’t reveal how much Chevrolet spent on this particular marketing campaign, but admitted that “the unit is obviously expensive.”

So is this a brilliant cutting-edge promo, or a spectacularly overpriced gimmick? We suppose only time (and Colorado sales) will tell.

News Source: Ad Age