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Chevy Safe Driving App Powered by Peer Pressure

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Chevrolet Call Me Out smartphone app

Chevrolet’s new Call Me Out app reminds drivers to keep their hands off their phones and eyes on the road through audio messages from friends and family.
Photo: Rob Widdis for Chevrolet

“Don’t text and drive.”

“Keep your eyes on the road.”

“Put the phone down.”

These wise words of advice are all too easily ignored, but Chevrolet is betting they’ll land with more force if you hear them spoken by a friend or loved one.

When you download Chevy’s new Call Me Out smartphone app for Android, it allows you to record personalized messages from people you know. Then, if you pick your phone up while driving, the app activates and plays back those messages as a reminder for you to stay focused behind the wheel.

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Chevrolet Call Me Out smartphone app

Photo: Rob Widdis for Chevrolet

“Chevy’s Call Me Out app gives drivers another great tool to reinforce good driving behaviors,” said Chevy safety engineer Tricia Morrow. “And as a mom of a teenage daughter, I personally know how important it is to model good driving behaviors and encourage others to do the same.”

Call Me Out was the winning app from a Chevy-hosted hackathon aimed at finding solutions for distracted driving. Chevy then teamed up with students at Detroit’s Wayne State University to test and launch the app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and used it to record reminder messages, just set it in your vehicle. Using the phone’s accelerometer and GPS system, the app can tell if you pick it up while traveling 5 mph or faster. Picking it up activates the recorded message. The app also features a gamification aspect. The less you handle your phone while driving, the more points you’ll score and the higher you’ll rank on the leaderboard.

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