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Chevy Saves Tom Brady Some Cash, Gives Colorado to Malcolm Butler

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Chevrolet gives 2015 Colorado to Malcolm Butler

Malcolm Butler imitates the end zone interception that earned him this 2015 Chevy Colorado

The long, strange saga of the Super Bowl XLIX MVP truck has finally come to an end.

Just to recap: Chevrolet originally presented a 2015 Colorado pickup to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in recognition of his being named the Super Bowl MVP. However, Malcolm Butler—the undrafted rookie cornerback who made the game-winning end zone interception—jokingly said that the truck should really go to him. To his credit, Tom Brady agreed, saying he would love to give Butler the Colorado. That’s when it was calculated that to accept and then gift the 2015 Chevy Colorado to Butler, Brady would ultimately have to pay $21,500 in taxes (on a $31,000 truck).

Well, to save poor Tom Brady the burden of paying those exorbitant fees, Chevrolet just went ahead and gave the Colorado to Malcolm Butler.

“I’ve seen several game-changing moments in big games, and Malcom’s interception last Sunday ranks up there as one of the biggest,” Brady said. “I appreciate Chevrolet wanting to honor the Super Bowl’s top performer, and I’m glad they have agreed to award the Colorado to Malcolm.”

Chevrolet gives 2015 Colorado to Malcolm Butler

Chevrolet presents a 2015 Colorado to Malcolm Butler in Norwood, Massachusetts

“Malcolm Butler’s interception was truly memorable and deserving of this recognition,” added Paul Edwards, US vice president of Chevrolet Marketing. “We commend Tom Brady for being such a class act.”

For his part, Butler said, “I am ecstatic that Chevrolet has chosen to reward me with a Colorado. It is just another unreal event in what has been an incredible week.”

Chevrolet gives 2015 Colorado to Malcolm Butler

If Pete Carroll hadn’t made the worst play call in Super Bowl history, Marshawn Lynch would be sitting in that truck

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Chevy has managed to generate a ton of free, unexpected publicity from simply giving a 2015 Colorado to an MVP. Is it a mere coincidence, or is Paul Edwards a true marketing mastermind?

The world may never know.