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Chevy Silverado Driver Trapped Between Two Semis Walks Away Unharmed

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Chevy Silverado Driver Trapped Between Two Semis Walks

Kaleb Whitby and the remains of his Chevy Silverado, trapped between a rock and a hard place
Photo source: Sergi Karplyuk, via KVTB

Chevrolet can tout the Silverado’s safety ratings as much as it wants, but perhaps nothing could be more effective than this picture taken at a 26-car pileup on I-84 in Oregon. The photo shows Kaleb Whitby, a 27-year old Chevy Silverado driver trapped between two semis, but still very much alive. Incredibly, it was a wreck that he walked away from needing only two Band-Aids. (As for the severity of the Silverado’s injuries, we’re sure that will buff right out…)

The picture was taken by Sergi Karplyuk, 32, who was driving one of the semi trucks that turned Whitby’s squashed Silverado into the ground meat in a Big Rig Sandwich. Karplyuk helped Whitby out of his totaled truck and then tweeted his photo to KTVB.

Whitby, a Washington farmer with a pregnant wife and 2-year-old son, was unable to avoid a truck that had jackknifed in front of him on Interstate 84. He swerved, hit the trailer’s back end, and was flipped around so that the passenger side of his Silverado was facing oncoming traffic. His pickup stalled after the collision, so he could only watch helplessly as another semi was soon bearing down on him.

“I just braced and hoped that everything would be all right,” he told The Oregonian

And amazingly enough, it was! Although 12 people who were injured in the massive pile-up, Kaleb Whitby was not one of them.

“I’ve got two Band-Aids on my right ring finger,” he said. “And a little bit of ice on my left eye.”

“Thank God that I’m still alive,” he added. “Now I’ve got to go figure out why.”

Well Kaleb, the answer to that question is pretty obvious. It’s because you’re… unbreakable.

News Source: The Oregonian