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Chevy Silverado Trucks Find Perfect Match on Facebook

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If you report yourself as single on Facebook, you’ve probably had the platform shove its new dating service in your face at least a couple of times. While I wouldn’t trust the social media site with my love life in a million years, it turns out that it might have more success as a matchmaking service for vehicles with mismatched parts.

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Screenshots of an interaction between Uziel Valles and John Payan in the Denver Dropped Trucks group on Facebook surfaced on Twitter this Tuesday and promptly went viral. Valles had a white Chevy Silverado 1500 truck sporting a bright yellow hood, and he was looking to trade with someone for a white or black one. A friend of Payan tagged him in the comments, and then Payan himself revealed that he had the same version of the Silverado with a yellow body and white hood.

I don’t think there’s ever been a better Facebook love story.

According to Elizabeth Blackstock of Jalopnik, the swap was successful and both Silverado trucks are rolling around with the hoods that match their paint jobs. Valles told the news outlet that his truck originally had a mismatched hood because he had to completely rebuild his truck’s front end. He found a lot of white parts to get the job done, but he had to settle for a yellow cover before he had his meeting of destiny with Payan online.

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As if things couldn’t be any sweeter, Balckstock also confirmed that Payan and Valles still talk to each other. Truck BFFs for life!

This story might not seem like much, but in this festive season it seems more important than ever to share the little stories of love and cooperation.* Have you met your perfect automotive match on social media?

*Full disclosure, I spent a lot of time researching and writing about the Uber sexual assault report, so I also needed to think about something happy for a bit.