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All Chevy Sonics Gotta Go Fast

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Chevy Sonics Gotta Go Fast

Much like this beautiful illustration of an iconic video game character, Chevrolet’s Sonic models need to move fast

General Motors is reportedly halting production of the Chevrolet Sonic due to higher-than-normal inventories. And you know what that means: dealership lots are full, and all of these Chevy Sonics gotta go fast!

GM is also cutting production of the Buick Verano for the same reason, and it appears that both small cars are the victim of low gas prices and consumers who think that those gas prices will stay low forever, so why not invest in a Cadillac Regret SUV?

According to Automotive News, workers at the Orion Assembly plant in Detroit will get some downtime on the weeks of February 16th and April 6th, as production of the Sonic and Verano goes idle to adjust to lower market demand.

2015 Chevy Sonic Overview

The 2015 Chevy Sonic, available in both sedan and hatchback form

It should be noted that the Sonic did pretty well in 2014, with sales rising 9%, compared to an overall 8% increase in subcompact sales. The Verano, on the other hand, saw its sales decline by 4%.

Too many Sonics will likely mean discounts, which could prove beneficial to car shoppers in the market for an economical sedan or hatchback.

News Source: Automotive News