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Chevy Teams Up with the West Coast Camaro Car Club to Create a Camaro-Centric Commercial

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Camaro fans meet up in Chevrolet’s latest commercial

After multiple years of airing, Chevrolet’s “Real People, Not Actors” commercials have become rather famous (or infamous, based on who you ask). Despite a mixed reception for the ads, Chevrolet seems to be sticking with the campaign for its marketing moving forward.

However, that doesn’t mean Chevy won’t release a different ad every once in a while. In fact, Chevrolet recently worked with some real people from the West Coast Camaro Car Club to release a Camaro-centric ad.

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The two-minute advertisement begins with a group of four people working at their various jobs. When they all receive a text around the same time, the decide to hit the road in their Camaros.

The commercial proceeds to showcase the different models that make up the current Camaro lineup in their natural environments. For example, the convertible Camaro is seen cruising down an open road, while the ZL1 is seen rapidly racing down a runway.

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Eventually, the four Camaro enthusiasts meet up in a secluded spot in the desert. Soon after, they are joined by dozens of other Camaro drivers who want in on the Camaro-centric celebration.

You can view the ad in its entirety down below:

What really stands out in this commercial is that there isn’t a single line of spoken dialogue throughout the entire thing. Rather, Chevrolet decides to let the Camaro and its incredible performance do the talking.

Reception toward the “Camaro Family” commercial has been very positive, so it would not be the least bit surprising to see more ads like this from Chevy in the near future.

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