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Chevy Volt Takes Green Car of the Year Award (This Time in Canada)

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2016 Chevrolet Volt

Back when the first Chevy Volt rolled onto the road, it was met with mixed reviews, with critics pointing out the car’s limited fuel choices, unintuitive dashboard, and more limited electric range (although that is a little unfair, given that the Volt’s range is still longer than most plug-in hybrids today).

The second-generation Chevrolet Volt, however, where Chevy tried its best to fix those problems, seemed to knock it out of the park. It earned many awards in its first year, even netting the 2016 Green Car of the Year accolade at the LA Auto Show.

Now, it seems that Canada’s automotive journalists are in agreement with their counterparts to the South, as the Automotive Journalists Association of Canada has named the 2016 Volt as the 2016 Canadian Green Car of the Year at the Vancouver International Auto Show.

“Chevrolet is honored to receive AJAC’s Canadian Green Car of the Year award, as it reinforces our commitment to being a leader in electrification,” said Laura Pacey, brand director of Chevrolet in Canada. “The second-generation Volt is a no-compromise electric car, delivering up to 85 kilometers of EV range, greater efficiency and stronger acceleration, making it the most innovative plug-in vehicle in the industry.” For us Americans, that is 53 miles of electric range (or more).

This award comes at an auspicious time for the Volt, as the 2017 models are just beginning to be rolled out to dealerships in the car’s first United States nationwide offering (previous iterations were only available in limited markets that were more receptive to electric vehicle technology).

If you were waiting for the Volt to come to dealerships near you (like I have been), just remember that that Volt is coming in with yet another 1st-place ribbon in its rather crowded awards cabinet.

News Source: GM Authority