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Chevy’s Automated Technology: The Future Is Now

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Chevy’s Automated Technology: Standard Automatic Parking Assist on the SS

The Chevy SS boasts Automatic Parking Assist.

Smart technology is all the rage of the new millennium, and it’s even extended into our cars and homes. Chevy’s automated technology, for example, has made the driving experience safer, easier, and more convenient for its drivers. That’s why GM’s Fast Lane blog recently reviewed Chevy’s automated technology, demonstrating just what the Bowtie Brand brings to the table.

Here’s a quick overview of what was covered:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Instead of constantly screwing up your cruise control by braking or accelerating when traffic changes, you can rely on adaptive cruise control (in the Impala, Tahoe, and Suburban) to automatically keep a driver-selected gap between your car and the vehicle ahead.
  • Automatic Headlamps: Don’t chance forgetting to turn your headlamps on in the early morning or early evening. Chevy models will do the remembering for you.
  • Automatic Parking Assist: Terrified of parallel parking? Let the Chevy SS do it for you, using ultrasonic sensors.
  • Magnetic Ride Control: This ingenious technology automatically adjusts your suspension to varying road conditions.
  • Memory Keys: If you and another person share a vehicle, adjusting the settings every time you clamber inside can be annoying. Memory Keys allows you to program your settings so that the car will remember you every time you get in.
  • Tire Telepathy: If you drive a Corvette Stingray or a Z06, first of all, we’re jealous. Second of all, rest assured that your vehicles actively check tire temperatures and adjust settings accordingly.

News Source: Fast Lane