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China to Get New Chevrolet LOVA RV

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Chinese Chevrolet LOVA RV preview

It’s been a long time since anyone has been excited about a minivan. In China, General Motors and partner SAIC Motors have just teased their latest model together: The Chevrolet LOVA RV.

In the United States, RV stands for recreational vehicle. It means the same thing in China, but don’t expect there to be a camper kitchen or beds inside the Chevy LOVA RV. While the letters stand for the same thing, to the Chinese an RV is a minivan.

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Originally, the LOVA name belonged to a rebadged version of the Chevy Aveo sedan. This new Chevy LOVA RV will be built on a platform usually used for utility vehicles. With plenty of space for passengers and their gear, GM will be presenting the new vehicle as an option for younger drivers and families. China’s growing middle class has more free time than before, so the LOVA will be a great option for them to get around and enjoy the sights.

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No more details were given about the new car other than the picture. The Guangzhou Auto Show will be held in mid-November, and GM is expected to fully launch the Chevrolet LOVA RV there.

News Source: CarScoops