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Chocolate-Covered Road is Best Christmas Present Ever

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chocolate spill in germanyOnce upon a time, in the district of Westonnen in Werl, a “small technical defect” at confectioner Dreimeister Spezialitaten covered a nearby road in delicious chocolate. While it sounds like every child’s dream, it was actually a nightmare for first responders.

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The accident happened earlier in December, and it sounds like a tasty present until you see the photos of emergency crews chipping off pieces of chocolate to clear the pavement. According to Delish, to get hardened candy off of the road, firefighters and chocolate company employees had to first pour hot water over the road to soften the chocolate before breaking it up into pieces. Then about 25 firefighters and factory employees had to shovel the heavy confection into boxes for removal.

As if that wasn’t difficult enough, there was still a thin layer of fat and oil on the road after teams removed all of the chocolate. Jalopnik reports that crews melted it off with more hot water and some fire. After all of that, a special street cleaner went over the area to make sure it was ready for traffic.

When all was said and done, about one metric ton of chocolate had to be cleared from an area of about 110 square feet. German children shouldn’t worry, though. Company spokespeople reported that the problem was fixed fairly quickly and not enough chocolate was lost to hinder production goals for Christmas.

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It’s nice to see the roadway of our dreams become a reality, and just in time for the holidays. However, we’re glad it was far away in Germany so we didn’t have to help clean it up.

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