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Chocolate Mustangs? Chocolate Mustangs

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Chocolate Mustangs Being Printed

It is possible to 3D print little chocolate Mustangs. The earth has no more surprises for us, people.

3D printing is a truly amazing technology that can make any number of ridiculously cool things out of seemingly thin air (or sand). As the process becomes more accessible, affordable, and viable for a larger audience, it’s easy to imagine all of the things in life that will be achievable in the future. Clothes and shelter for the hungry, prosthetic appendages and bones for veterans and patients, and even functional human organs. 3D printing has the potential to revolutionize medicine and help bring world hunger to an end. It can lead to cures for the incurable, hope for the hopeless, and voices for the voiceless.

Today, in observance of Valentine’s Day, it has given us tiny chocolate Mustangs. This is truly a marvelous and important day for all of mankind.

3D printing also has the capacity to make Valentine’s Day a breeze by letting you generate chocolates, candies, and flowers. No more paying $50 dollars for a bouquet of flowers and an additional $30 for shipping (at least when ProFlowers decides to gouge hell out of you for being something of a procrastinator). Got a gearhead with a sweet tooth? Print ‘em out a tray of little chocolate Mustangs.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with Ford on this,” says Liz Von Hasseln, Creative Director, Food Products at 3D Systems, The Sugar Lab. “It was a challenge to take it from the full CAD version down to a little one inch bite of chocolate. That was fun.”

Chocolate Mustangs

Delicious, sure, but what are the chocolate Mustangs’ 0 to 60 times?

3D Systems, who in January announced the ChefJet—a 3D printer that can make items in chocolate, mint, sour apple, vanilla, cherry, or watermelon flavor—created the chocolate Mustangs in their Sugar Lab in Los Angeles. According to the LA Times, each batch of three (based upon the all-new 2015 Mustang) requires a couple of hours to print.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy any little chocolate Mustangs this year (so you’re still out of luck if you’re reading this and haven’t bought your partner anything yet), but there is the potential that Ford may license the application used by 3D Systems/The Sugar Lab so that pony car/candy enthusiasts can make their own tiny tasties someday soon.

With extremely accurate chocolate Mustangs now a thing that exist, the world clearly has no wonders left to give. So let me know: what would you most like to make with a 3D printer and, more importantly, would it be made of chocolate?