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Chris Christie Gets New Jersey Radio Host a Free Corvette      

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The 2015 Corvette Stingray

New Jersey radio host Eric Scott got a free Corvette loaner for the month, all thanks to Governor Chris Christie pulling some strings.

During an interview with the New Jersey governor on 101.5 WKXW-FM, Scott complained that he doesn’t get paid very much for his radio gig. Christie thought that the show’s sponsor, Lester Glenn Auto Group, should give Scott a free car for his troubles, which led to this happening:

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Of course, some critics are crying foul, since Christie’s comments have led to a member of the press getting a pretty sweet gift, which could potentially create a conflict of interest the next time he’s expected to lob softballs to Christie in a radio interview.

But as far as New Jersey corruption goes, this is pretty tame. It’s not like Christie himself said, “Hey, look what fell off the back of a truck…” before presenting the keys to Scott. The dealership’s owner is the one who heard Christie talking about it on the radio and then decided to drive the free loaner over to the station.

Although nice, this blue Corvette is nothing compared to Jeb Bush’s $75 million blue Corvette. If Christie is serious about beating Bush in the Republican primaries, he needs to step up his game.

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News Source: Politico