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A Few Handy Tips for Christmas Car Decorating

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Christmas CarsIt’s almost Christmas time once again (and if the presence of commercials, carols, eggnog, and candy canes are to be believed, it has been here since approximately fifteen minutes after Beggar’s Night ended), so that means it’s time to go into the dark recesses of the closet beneath your stairs to drag out those endlessly-tangled Christmas lights and that creepy life-size Santa Claus whose eyes always seem to be following you.  For those who want to take their festiveness to the next level, we’d like to recommend some tips for Christmas car decorating that might just come in handy.

Magnets (How do they work?) – If you want to celebrate Christmas with bumper sticker flare without the bumper-sticker-removal hassle, you can buy a number of vehicle magnets from CafePress that spread more than enough Christmas cheer without all of that peeling.  Bonus buy: that particularly fetch (pun/Mean Girls reference intended) “Ask me about my granddog” magnet!  Or you could have your own magnet made with your own holiday message or image.

Dress it up! – You know those tacky Christmas sweaters you bring out every year and make your poor dog wear around the house when you have company over?  Why not do something similar to your car (after all, it doesn’t have feelings or a fashion sense!)?  Make your car look like a mobile Christmas tree, a present on wheels, or even Ol’ Saint Nick himself.

Just buy the Candy Cane Car because why not – Maybe you want a thoroughly Christmas-y car without having to gussy up your Lexus.  We understand.  Back in 2010, “Pogo” Dave Clayman put a reflective 1991 Toyota Camry LE up on eBay for purchase (although he also insisted that it was not for sale).  It had a reserve price of $1.7 million, which it (shockingly) failed to meet.  Perhaps you could find Mr. Clayman and make him an offer.  He seems like the kind of guy who you could barter with provided that you promise to make the voices in his head stop talking to him.

Just throw a wreath on it and be done with it – Perhaps you’re a Scrooge, or maybe you’re just the underachiever everybody loves to cheer for.  Grab a wreath, hang it from the grille, and—wah lah!—Christmas spirit unlocked!  After all, while we recommend getting into the spirit of the season by letting your creative juices flow, just do so knowing that this particular individual has already won Christmas car decorating forever.

Have any Christmas car decorating ideas of your own that you’d like to share?  Drop us a comment and let us know!

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