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Cinema’s Goofiest Car Chases: “Werewolf”

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Cinema's Goofiest Car Chases
You’ll have to imagine the werewolf behind the wheel of this snazzy ’94 Cadillac…
Photo: That Hartford Guy via Flickr

For almost as long as movies have existed, there has also existed that most beloved of cinematic cliches: the car chase. The weird and wonderful world of motion pictures has no shortage of them, and they range from exciting and evocative to ridiculous or just plain nuts. For this installment of “Cinema’s Goofiest Car Chases,” we’re taking a look at a particularly ridiculous sequence from the 1996 film Werewolf.

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One of cinema’s goofiest car chases

If you’ve never heard of this direct-to-video gem, don’t worry: you’re not alone. Perhaps most famous for getting a well-deserved ribbing in an episode of the movie-riffing television series Mystery Science Theater 3000, Werewolf is, to put it mildly, far from a cinematic masterpiece. When an ancient werewolf skeleton is unearthed in an archaeological dig, a decidedly evil man begins scratching people with the bones. Naturally, this results in a few lycanthropes running around and, in one case, engaging in a car chase.

The action starts when our vaguely-accented villain infects a museum security guard (played by the film’s director, Tony Zarindast) with the werewolf curse. The groggy guard makes his way to his 1994 Cadillac DeVille (identified as such thanks to the IMCBD) and starts to head home. However, this won’t be an ordinary drive.

Things get hairy

As the bad guy follows close behind, the poor security guard begins to show signs of obvious lycanthropy. A few jump-cuts later, and we are presented with the unforgettable image of a werewolf driving a car.

However, the bad guy’s pursuit is cut short when the were-guard has an unfortunate accident. For reasons unknown, the poor guy swerves into an inconveniently-placed pile of oil drums. Since this is a movie, the result is an instant explosion, a ball of fire, and a dead werewolf.

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If you’ve ever wondered why car chases aren’t a staple of werewolf movies, this might be why.