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Colorado To Boost Electric Vehicle Sales With More Chargers

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Chevy has announced the Bolt EV could cost certain consumers only $29,995

2017 Chevy Bolt
Photo: © General Motors

It seems that 2018 is the year for states to decide to get serious about getting on the electric vehicle bandwagon, after all. California is mulling over a highly ambitious plan from its governor, Georgia is considering bringing back its electric car tax credit incentive (albeit in a reduced capacity), and now Colorado is setting its own ambitious goal for electric vehicle adoption, with a target of nearly a million plug-in cars on the streets by 2030. At the end of 2017, Colorado had 13,000 electric vehicles.

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Colorado’s plan involves heaviest investments in new electric vehicle chargers, calculating that, cumulatively, the investments will have a $7.6 billion to $43 billion financial upside in net benefits by 2050.

That maximum $43 billion break down like this, as modeled by the National Resources Defense Council. The largest part, of $29.1 billion, will be of benefits to its drivers thanks to reduced annual operating costs (since EVs use no gas or oil and have far fewer moving parts to wear out). Next biggest would be $9.7 billion, going to society at large for having less air pollution from cars, followed by $4.1 billion to electric utility customers in reduced electricity bills.

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The plan is part of Colorado’s participation in the Regional Electric Vehicle West memorandum of understanding, which calls for the state to cooperate with seven of its western neighbors to jointly develop EV corridors along the state’s Interstates.

News Source: Green Car Reports