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Commuter Swims To Avoid Traffic

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No matter where you live, traffic is the worst in those magical rush hours when absolutely everyone is trying to get to work and back again. It is something we all suffer through, but larger cities have the worst case of it. Not only are the roads filled with cars, but trains and buses are also filled to bursting. Some people try to avoid the traffic by working non-traditional hours, and some people ride their bikes to the office. One man in Munich, Germany, was so fed up with the daily commute that he decided to take to the river instead and swim.

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The man that has taken on this unique style of getting to work is named Benjamin David and he lives along the Isar River. The process of getting ready to swim to work is kind of elaborate, with David having to pack his clothes, laptop, and other supplies into a waterproof bag that he straps to his back. From there David swims about two kilometers, or about 1.24 miles, in the waterway, avoiding the occasional sunken tire or bike.

Now, you might be thinking that this must be something that the swimming commuter does in the warm months, but you would be wrong. Benjamin wears swim trunks to make his twice-daily trip in warmer months, and when it gets cold he puts on a wet suit to stay comfortable.  He told BBC News that he occasionally gets laughed at, but he shrugs it off because he has the better commute by far.

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If there is a river near you and your office, maybe swimming is the new commute for you. The rest of us will just keep listening to the radio while we are trapped in our cars.

News Source: BBC News