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Costa Rica to Focus on EV Technology

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Volcán Arenal

Volcán Arenal, in Costa Rica
Photo: Leonora (Ellie) Enking

Costa Rica has just announced its goal to operate 37,000 plug-in EVs by 2022. It’s an aggressive deadline to set, considering that the country purchases just 154,000 vehicles each year, a total that equals less than 1% of annual vehicle sales in the United States.

But, if you take into account the rate at which EV technology is accelerating in multiple countries, from Germany to China, there’s no reason why Costa Rica couldn’t attain this notable achievement in such a short time frame despite its modest means.

The government plans on introducing exemptions on consumption, customs imports and sales, which would result in reducing the overall cost of purchasing an electric vehicle by approximately 24%.

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electric car

Photo: Pixaline

Two additional factors should help contribute to Costa Rica’s success in reaching this EV goal. The country’s economy relies largely on eco-tourism and adopting more EVs would only enhance this image to tourists, growing the industry (which, in turn, would provide more funds for investing in EV technology).  Secondly, Grupo ICE, the country’s electric company relies on renewable energy sources for 75% of its power. Incorporating more EVs would further promote the country’s priority of reducing harmful emissions.

Costa Rica’s limited resources and tiny size pose two challenges as it moves toward this EV initiative. Major OEMs might want to start focusing their attention on this promising sales outlet and start launching discussions about collaborating with Costa Rica to help it achieve its goal.

We anticipate more details as Cost Rica embarks on its eco-friendly course, helping speed the progress of EV technology at the industry level.

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News Source: Green Car Reports