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Create a Rainbow with Ford Mustang Colors Throughout the Years

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Pink Ford Mustang

Ford looks back at some unique Mustang colors.

Currently, black is the new black when it comes to Ford Mustang colors—more people than ever before are purchasing the car with this dark color. But that hasn’t always been the case with a multitude of colors being used on this famous pony car.

Throughout the years, this iconic car has been offered in a rainbow of hues, whether it’s Playboy Pink or an orange normally seen on the inside of a Tang container. As the newest Mustang is about to drive onto dealership lots, along with its 50 year anniversary fastly approaching, it’s no wonder that Ford is recapping some of the car’s history focusing on the most popular and out there colors throughout the years.

“Our Mustang owners are passionate about their cars, and the exterior paint color they choose invokes an emotional response to the vehicle,” says Mustang marketing manager, Melanie Banker. “Mustang owners buy a vehicle in School Bus Yellow or Grabber Blue because it reflects what they want their Mustang to say to the world about them.”

Some of the colors that had such an impact on Mustang customers throughout the ages? In the 70s, there were three different shades of brown available, along with green and yellow, which are all now discontinued. The 1960s saw pink as the popular color of the decade, with both Dusty Rose and Playboy Pink making a show. The most popular color of all though is red, which shows off the car’s sportiness to a “T”.

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