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Creepy Vin Diesel Can’t Get Over How Beautiful His Brazilian Interviewer Is [VIDEO]

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"I love you" Vin Diesel says to interviewer Carol Moreira, who does not reciprocate

“I love you,” Vin Diesel says to interviewer Carol Moreira, who does not reciprocate

Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel got a little too fast with Brazilian interviewer Carol Moreira, whose awkward responses and strained smile imply that she was secretly furious with him.

The interview begins at the 1:20 mark, and begins getting really creepy at the 4:40 mark:

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The interview starts off with Vin Diesel professing his love for Brazilian funk and the country of Brazil. This is all fine and dandy, but once he begins professing his love for Moreira herself, things get a little awkward.

While discussing the wisdom imparted to him by Tom Hanks when they worked together on Saving Private Ryan, Vin Diesel suddenly does a very un-Hanksian thing by stopping mid-sentence to note how beautiful his interviewer is.

Diesel brings up his intense (and intensely uncomfortable) physical attraction to his interviewer again (7:20 mark) when they are discussing the game Dungeons and Dragons (very smooth, Vin). Then later, just when the interview is about to end (11:20), Vin gets really unhinged, lamenting the fact that Moreira is just “too f**king sexy,” and wondering aloud, “when did this turn into Beautiful World?”

Some other amusing revelations from this interview include the story of Diesel’s first foray into acting (breaking into a theater as a child) and the fact that he spent ten years as a bouncer in New York. Also, Diesel initially didn’t want to do a sequel to The Fast and the Furious because he thought it would be akin to making a sequel to Rebel Without a Cause, which, lol.

Also, apparently there’s a new xXx movie coming out, which, LOL.

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