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Cummins Outlines 2016 Titan Turbo-diesel Engine

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2016 Titan Turbo-diesel Engine

We know that it’s #cumminssoon, and now we know a bit about what the 2016 Titan Turbo-diesel engine does

Nissan has not been terribly shy about letting us know that it’s going to be bringing diesel power to the next generation Titan pickup truck. While we’re going to end up having to wait until January to get the scoop of the 2016 Titan and all of its ins and outs, Cummins has given up most of the goods on the turbo-diesel that will be available beneath its hood.

For starters, Car and Driver notes that the addition of new turbo-diesel technology 2016 Titan will be the only light duty available in the US with sequential turbochargers, which is pretty significant for a namebadge that is still seeking its own identity in a market that has largely belonged to the F-Series.

The Holset M2 Two-Stage System with Rotary Turbine Control uses two turbochargers to pull air into the engines cylinders, but it isn’t what you’d call a twin-turbo because of the difference in size of the turbochargers. A smaller turbocharger will provide power at low speeds and in low load conditions, with a larger turbo taking over at higher speeds and with bigger loads.

The Rotary Turbine Control is a rotary valve that has four operating modes. Per Cummins, they are:

  1. High Pressure Two-Stage Turbo Mode – Minimizes turbo lag and enables a better vehicle transient performance
  2. Low Pressure Single Stage Turbo Mode – Enables higher power performance whilst ensuring smooth transparent mode transition without vehicle drivability impacts
  3. Wastegate Mode – Maximizes engine power output
  4. Regen Mode – Optimized after-treatment operating conditions for emissions control

Cummins rolled out the first look at the engine during IAA Hanover earlier this month, and we will have to wait until Detroit to see how Nissan integrates it into the next-gen Titan. Stay tuned…